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Detection Kit for Dengue Virus

1. Simple operation and short time consuming

The product is equipped with an out-of-the-box nucleic acid extraction reagent.The whole process from nucleic acid extraction to the result takes less than 2 hours.
2. Line type standard
The amplification curve plateau obviously, the slope is big.
3. Strong anti-interference ability
Rt-pcr reaction is carried out continuously in the same tube and can effectively prevent pollution.
4. Strong compatibility
No need for multi-channel PCR instruments, suitable for a variety of fluorescence PCR instruments.
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    Product Use
    This kit uses real-time fluorescence PCR detection technology of dengue virus in the serum samples Ⅰ / Ⅱ / Ⅲ / Ⅳ qualitative detection. Dengue fever is an acute febric disease caused by the dengue virus, characterized by fever, joint pain, muscle pain, skin rash, enlarged lymph nodes, and leukopenia. Dengue viruses belong to the flaviviruses of the family Flaviviridae. The disease grains were dumbbell-shaped, rod-shaped or spherical, and the genome was single-stranded RNA.
    Product Principle
    This kit using multiple fluorescent PCR detection technology, respectively designed for leather type virus Ⅰ (DGV Ⅰ), Dengue virus type Ⅱ (DGV Ⅱ), Dengue virus type Ⅲ (DGV Ⅲ), Dengue virus type Ⅳ (DGV Ⅳ) specific primers and probes, Dengue virus in serum samples, Ⅰ / Ⅱ / Ⅲ / Ⅳ type the qualitative detection and genotyping of identification.


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